Wednesday Night Service

Every Wednesday | 6:30-8:00pm | the barn

We all crave a sense of belonging and have a need to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. Each service gives opportunity to worship and experience the Creator of all as well as connect with other students as we all pursue Christ together. 

Current Sermon Series: 


Paralleled with our Sunday school series, "Not a Fan," we are addressing what it looks like to not just call ourselves Christians, but to live out our faith, as well. 

Authentic Christianity is not an easy life; it is one that truly does requires much but yet promises so much more. For this series, we will be walking through the letter of 2 John and looking at how it speaks to embracing Christianity in daily living. In Springfield, Missouri, it can be easy to grow up as a "christian" and going to church since infancy, but this is not what Christ has called us to. He has called us to be more than Christians by name. Join us as we try to merge our title as Christians with the actions that we make and disassemble the inconsistencies between the two.