Wednesday Night Service

Every Wednesday/6:30 - 8:00pm/@ the barn

We all crave a sense of belonging and have a need to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. Each service gives opportunity to worship and experience the Creator of all as well as connect with other students as we all pursue Christ together. 

Current Sermon Series: 

Belief_title slide.jpg

In this sermon series, we will be taking a look at the Apostle's Creed, phrase by phrase, as it reflects the truths of Scripture.

As the Creed was put in place a long time ago to proclaim right thinking and unify the Church in it's core beliefs, it is still recited today for this very purpose. Each week's sermon topic will be based on a new phrase from the Creed, as we dig into Scripture in order to hear what God has to say regarding that topic for us today. Not only are we hoping this will unify us in common belief, but strengthen us and challenge us in our understanding of each of these already established beliefs. Please join us these coming Wednesday nights as we worship our God and anticipate His Spirit to meet us there.