Wednesday Night Service

Every Wednesday | 6:30-8:00pm | the barn

We all crave a sense of belonging and have a need to be apart of something bigger than ourselves. Each service gives opportunity to worship and experience the Creator of all as well as connect with other students as we all pursue Christ together. 

Current Sermon Series: 

In this first series as we are going through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, we will be focusing on His call for us to be radically commitment to Him within our relationship with other people. 

Jesus has a lot to say about how we ought to treat one another. We find that as we give our lives to Him, it is not just a commitment to christian practices like praying and reading our Bible. And it’s even more than trying not to bad things! Christ’s call for us to live for Him has deep implications in how we should go above and beyond, as well as far out of our way if need be, for the well being of other people. 

Join us in this mini series “Radical Relationships” as we look at Jesus’ commands concerning our horizontal life styles. 

Miss a recent sermon or want to re-listen to one? We have you covered! Just click on the link below and find the sermon you’re looking for!