Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning/9:00-10:30am/@ The Farmhouse

Part of our worship to God includes digging deep into what we believe by studying the Word of God. Sunday School is a time for students to meet with their peers, discuss what the Bible actually says and what it means. Sunday School is a time for students to ask tough questions and connect with others.


For the next month and a half, the youth will be going over common phrases that are said within the Church that aren't quite theologically accurate. This is a good series because the things that we say (and how we say them) are extremely important. Though the vast majority of the time these  phrases are unintentional and due to lazy conversation, they ultimately influence our understanding of God, nevertheless. As we think critically how various doctrines should be understood, this will both shape our understanding of God as we are in relationship with Him, but also how we portray Him to others that we talk to.