Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning/9:00-10:30am/@ The Farmhouse

Part of our worship to God includes digging deep into what we believe by studying the Word of God. Sunday School is a time for students to meet with their peers, discuss what the Bible actually says and what it means. Sunday School is a time for students to ask tough questions and connect with others.


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We acknowledge that there is a broad range of life contexts that are represented even just in our group, yet know that we all still hear the same Gospel and are ultimately unified, despite our differences, through Christ’s single act on the Cross. In this series, we will consider questions such as who needs to hear the Gospel, does exposure to religion growing up change anything for someone needing to hear the Gospel (if so, how?), and then, of course, what does the Bible call us to do in response to all of this? It really is so important to know who and what the Gospel is for so that it can best be received and effect every area of those individuals daily lives in the greatest way possible. As always, we genuinely hope that this series initiates challenging dialogue and inspires spiritual growth for every student present.