Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning | 9:00-10:30am | The Barn

Part of our worship to God includes digging deep into what we believe by studying the Word of God. Sunday School is a time for students to meet with their peers, discuss what the Bible actually says and what it means. It is a time for students to ask tough questions and connect with others.

Current Discussion Series: 

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We are going through Scripture one week at a time!

It is essential for the Bible believing Christian to love and know God’s Scriptures! Broken up into six separate parts, we are striding through the entire Bible and we are currently on the second part. After setting the stage in Genesis, we have made our way into Exodus through Judges. In them we see that living a life for God can really be a rocky journey! Not because of Him, but because of us! When we read these books, we see that we are not alone in making mistakes and having hard lives. It is a universal issue for everybody on this planet. Even still, God doesn’t give up on His people. These books are so relatable to us, yet refreshing as they remind us of the faithful God who restores people no matter how far they run from Him.

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