Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning | 9:00-10:30am | The Barn

Part of our worship to God includes digging deep into what we believe by studying the Word of God. Sunday School is a time for students to meet with their peers, discuss what the Bible actually says and what it means. It is a time for students to ask tough questions and connect with others.

Current Discussion Series: 



Paralleled with our Wednesday night sermon series, "Nominal Christianity," this Sunday series will be addressing the differences between being a fan of Jesus and an actual follower.

"Not A Fan" is a series and book by Kyle Idleman, Pastor at SouthEast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Kyle challenges the believer to consider the depth of their relationship with Jesus; are we active followers of Christ or do we better resemble fans that cheer Him on when it's easy and disassociate when it's not as comfortable? This series is inspired by Kyle's book and is really aimed to draw out from Scripture what it means to be an authentic Christian. Join us as we talk with honesty and transparency how this looks in our own lives so that Jesus' name can be praised more fully in our lives and through our actions. 


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