Sunday School

Every Sunday Morning/9:00-10:30am/@ The Farmhouse

Part of our worship to God includes digging deep into what we believe by studying the Word of God. Sunday School is a time for students to meet with their peers, discuss what the Bible actually says and what it means. Sunday School is a time for students to ask tough questions and connect with others.

Current Discussion Series: 

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For the next few weeks, we will be addressing some misunderstood concepts in the Christian faith.  

 What does it mean to fear God? Or to follow Jesus? These seem like easy questions, right? Maybe you would even be tempted to say that they are so basic, that you don't need to think about it. Well sometimes, as we dig deeper into what we believe and answering the big questions and why we believe those things, these basics can be lost in the mix. Though these basics should be the foundation of all else, if we are not careful, all the other things muddy up those basics and we enter into a dangerous spot. We spent time on the hard questions that culture brings at us, but we don't know the core of what it means to even follow Jesus. Or our comprehension of what it means to have the Holy Spirit is vague and not fully developed. This effects massively how we answer all other things. For the next few weeks, we will go back to the basics with the hope of eventually answering hard questions with a more solidified foundation to stand on. 

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