ET Youth Ministries

ET Youth Ministries exists to release disciples of Christ revolutionize Springfield youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ and equip them to do the same for others. 

Equip for Outreach 

We desire to maintain a priority of reaching out to those outside the community of faith through quality of our relationship with Christ, with each other, and those who do not know the Lord. We do that by equipping our students to strengthen and defend their faith, open their knowledge, and spread the word of God so that “others” can be brought in from the ends of the earth, and have a personal relationship with Christ. 

Experience the Presence of God

We aim to help lost children of God find spiritual enlightenment through inspiring worship and experiencing the miraculous, put their everyday worries aside, and place their faith in Jesus Christ. 

Study the Bible

We recognize the importance of studying the Bible to develop our faith, build healthy spiritual habits, and apply the Bible to our lives. 

Unity in Community

We value the importance of developing deeper/greater community/unity in the youth group through small group participation, inviting others to journey with us, and prayer for others. 

Service to Others

We desire to be mobilized in effective efforts to serve others with a servant’s heart in everything we do. We desire to reach out to people outside ourselves by meeting their physical and spiritual needs, through outreach locally and around the world. 

Sunday School

Sunday School

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights

Small Groups

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