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Sunday School

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Upcoming Events

Youth Next Steps

Youth Next Steps

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Nights

Everything we do at ETYM stems from this one goal:

Equipping Youth To Be More Like Christ

More specifically, everything falls into two categories: 

(1) Things that help us grow to be more like Christ:

These are things that build us up as a community and equip us to do the work of the church. Some of these are spiritual, some are practical, and some are simply social events because we believe a community is only as strong as the bond that they share. All of these are essential and intentional in drawing us closer to Him and preparing us to live out the call He has on our lives. 

(2) Avenues in which we can live to be more like Christ:

These are ways in which we can give to others. As our community grows to be more like Christ, we anticipate our passion for those around us to grow, as well. Because He was selfless, we are committed to being outward-focused and not spending all of our time on things that are self-gratifying. Therefore, we are striving to be others-focused when it comes to our money, our time and energy, and in our prayer lives.

Growing to be more like Christ


Weekly Services (click here for information)

Annual Youth Retreat

Annual Youth Camp 


Sunday morning Bible Study (click here for information) 

Fine Arts Program 

Teen Bible Quiz Program 


Epic Summer Smash at Chesterfield Family Center 

Operation: Summer Invasions

Epic Fall Fest 

Laser Tag 

Easter Egg Hunt 

Living to be more like Christ


Quarterly adoption of a local ministry (click here to see the current ministry we support) 


Quarterly service day (click here to see details on our next service day)  

In Prayer: 

Quarterly prayer nights for current social issues (click here to see when our next prayer night is)

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