Our Future

Now is the time to connect our dream to our future! Reaching out to the lost has been a priority through the history of Evangel Temple. At Evangel Temple, we believe that we can not be content with what we have been for the first 50 years. We believe that God has called us to use every asset possible to connect people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is evident that we take our call seriously, as recently we have completed a remodel of the Barn facility, developed outreach services, undergone service time changes, & continued developing committed spaces for our children and youth. But we cannot stop here; God has more for us to do.

We believe that our mission statement compels us to move forward in building a family outreach center because we cannot risk missing an opportunity to connect people to Jesus Christ. Our new facility will convey the message that we care about families, our community, and people of all ages, and that we are doing our best to intentionally invite, serve, connect, and keep them for Christ! 

To that end, we have just embarked on our Connect Capital Campaign. To learn more about this project, please explore the resources we have here on this site.

Family Life Center

The vision for the Family Outreach Center has evolved over the last 30 years. Here you will find the latest outworking on that vision in an amazing flyover rendering! This building addition looks to add 20,000 sq/ft attached to our main building. 

New parts of this building that will bless our church family and our community include:

  • Kitchen
  • Several New Classrooms
  • New Foyers
  • Children's Church Space
  • Dedicated Outreach Center

Connect Capital Campaign 

For a project of this sort, we need to raise additional capital. We believe that God works primarily through the giving, service, and working of His people. Therefore, we are asking everyone who has been blessed in any manner by the ministry of Evangel Temple to be part of this campaign. To hear from some of our church family that are on board with this campaign already,  take a look at the these videos below.

How Can I Get Involved?

On March 28th, 2015  we officially launched our Campaign with over $1.3 million dollars pledged and an excess of $200,000 in cash has been given. Over the next 3 years, our church will be giving faithfully to raise the funds that we need for this project. Many of our church members have filled out one of these Connect Commitment Cards to make their pledges. 

All of the pledges made for this campaign are completely separate from the operations of the church. Because of that, no member of our pastoral staff will see individual pledges or giving. Our church accountant, Ashley, is the only person who will see your pledge or your giving amounts. 

To get involved now, you can email Ashley directly or locate one of these pledge cards at ET and drop it off in our secured drop box at the Welcome Center.