Camie Free

Camie Free was born in Sedalia, Missouri to Rev. Richard and Linda Orrell.  She has lived in Kansas, Florida, and finally came back to her home state of Missouri during her 6th grade year of school.  Her parents were pastors at the Assembly of God church on the Assembly of God District camp grounds at Lake of the Ozarks.  This provided Camie the opportunity to grow up in an amazing spiritually nurturing environment of kids’ camps and youth camps all summer long.  Some of her best memories were from her 8 years on the camp grounds. 

In 1992, at the age of 22 Camie met, and a year later married, the love of her life, Vance Free.  After feeling the call of God on her life at a young age, she has spent much of her youth and later in her adult years alongside her husband in children’s ministry and in other areas of ministry.  The love for children has always been obvious with Camie.  In 2001 Camie and Vance were able to adopt the first of two children who have been entrusted to them by God.  Jacob is their oldest with Sarah following only 14 short months later. 

Camie and her family have served and attended Evangel Temple since 1997.  They have so many wonderful life-time friendships and love their ET family.  She joined the ET staff as the administrative assistant in our Developmental Learning Center in November of 2015.  She helps in the office with the student records, tuition, newsletters, website, and anywhere else she is needed.

In her spare time, Camie enjoys spending time and having fun with her two children (and any friends who come along for the ride), and anything to do with animals, the outdoors, photography, and travel.